Welcome! I'm a philosophy professor at Colorado State University living in Fort Collins, Colorado with my wife Kris and sons Henry and Tom. My scholarly work centers on environmental ethics, population and consumption issues, and the preservation of wild nature. I'm the author of Thoreau's Living Ethics: Walden and the Pursuit of Virtue and How Many Is Too Many? The Progressive Argument for Reducing Immigration into the United States. I am an affiliated faculty member of CSU’s School of Global Environmental Sustainability and past president of the International Society for Environmental Ethics.

Like so many people around the world, my family and I have been "sheltering in place" at our home, wondering when life will get back to normal. See my blog A lesson from the COVID-19 pandemic on the perils of density and op-ed "America needs a wealth tax" for some recent reflections on the way forward.

For the past three years, Swedish ecologist Frank Gotmark and I have been co-principle investigators on a new effort, The Overpopulation Project, headquartered at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. With help from a generous grant from the Global Challenges Foundation, we have been studying the environmental impacts of overpopulation and exploring humane policies to end population growth around the world. Initial publications are:

"Population growth and climate change: Addressing the overlooked threat multiplier." J. Dodson, P. Dérer, P. Cafaro and F. Götmark. Science of The Total Environment 748 (2020): 141346.

"Policy-based Population Projections for the European Union: A Complementary Approach.” P. Cafaro and P. Dérer. Comparative Population Studies 44 (2019): 171-200.

The Potential Environmental Impacts of EU Immigration Policy: Future Population Numbers, Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Biodiversity Preservation.” P. Cafaro and F. Götmark. Journal of Population and Sustainability 4 (2019): 71-101.

How Should Ecological Citizens Think About Immigration?” P. Cafaro and J. O’Sullivan. Ecological Citizen 3 (2019): 85-92.

Aging Human Populations: Good for Us, Good for the Earth.” F. Götmark, P. Cafaro and J. O’Sullivan. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 33 (2018): 851-862.

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