The Population Factor

Recently I recorded the first season of a new TV show airing on the Internet TV network Earthx TV. The Population Factor aims to become the spot for honest and probing discussion of population issues in the English speaking world. Each show features in-depth conversations with one or two guests focused on a particular aspect of the population/environment connection. Check out our first seven shows, all available for free streaming, below.

A wide-ranging conversation with an environmentalist legend, Paul Ehrlich, touching on the history of the IPAT equation along with the history of population concerns and overpopulation denialism.

episode 1 - Paul Ehrlich

Climate change is the leading environmental challenge facing humanity today. How do human numbers impact climate change and what role can curbing population growth play in meeting this challenge? With Jane O’Sullivan, Senior Research Associate, University of Queensland and Kathleen Mogelgaard, Senior Fellow at the Population Institute.

Creating a better world, with security and opportunity for all, cannot occur in a context of continued rapid population growth. With ten years left to achieve them, the international community must break its silence and tackle population growth if the United Nations’ SDGs are going to be realized. With Florence Blondel, Environmental and global justice campaigner and Olivia Nater, Senior campaigner, Population Matters.

Population concerns are often dismissed  because the rate of global population growth is decreasing. But is our current global population ecologically sustainable? The evidence suggests it may not be. With Karin Kuhlemann, population ethicist, University College London and João Abegão, PhD Candidate in Climate Change and Policies for Sustainable Development, University of Lisbon.

Although many environmental trends are grim, there exist clear paths forward toward a more sustainable world—if we are willing to address human numbers. Solutions to curb population growth exist, grounded in respect for human rights and acceptance of demographic responsibilities. This inspiring message can rekindle hope in an environmental movement that desperately needs it. With William Ryerson, President, Population Media Center and Karen Hardee, Principle of Hardee Associates.

What impact does immigration policy have on greenhouse gas emissions, habitat preservation, sprawl, or water and air pollution? Join Leon Kolankiewicz and me, the authors of a recent environmental impact statement on US immigration policy, and find out. With Leon Kolankiewicz, science advisor at NumbersUSA.

Declining human populations are often presented negatively in the press and by politicians. But they open up space for ecological restoration on the landscape. This episode discusses how fewer people can translate into more wild nature, and recent “rewilding” efforts in North and South America. With Tom Butler of the Northeastern Wilderness Conservancy, formerly with Tompkins Conservation.

Stay tuned to The Population Factor for season two!