The Overpopulation Project

Over the past two centuries Earth’s human population has doubled, and doubled again, and doubled yet again, increasing from 1 billion to 8 billion people. This huge increase is the root of grave global environmental problems, from climate change to mass species extinction. Yet in recent years, discussing population issues has become taboo among many environmentalists and policymakers. The Overpopulation Project aims to end the silence, by researching the environmental impacts of overpopulation, exploring humane policies to end population growth around the world, and fostering public and scholarly discussion of these issues.

For the past five years my colleagues Frank Götmark, Jane O'Sullivan, Jenna Dodson, Patrícia Dérer, Pernilla Hansson and I have examined the environmental impacts of overpopulation and reported on best practices for ending population growth around the world. Here are our scholarly publications from the past two years:

* Overpopulation is a major cause of biodiversity loss and smaller human populations are necessary to preserve what is left. P. Cafaro, P. Hansson and F. Götmark. Biological Conservation 272 (2022): 109646.

* Population Growth, Family Planning and the Paris Agreement: An Assessment of the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). J. Dodson, P. Dérer, P. Cafaro and F. Götmark. International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics (2022): doi 10.1007/s10784-022-09573-8.

* Reducing human numbers and the size of our economies is necessary to avoid a mass extinction and share Earth justly with other species. P. Cafaro. Philosophia 50 (2022): in press.

* Climate Ethics and Population Policy: A Review of Recent Philosophical Work. P. Cafaro. WIRES: Climate Change 12 (2021): e748 (1-17).

* Discussing Population Concepts: Overpopulation is a Necessary Word and an Inconvenient Truth. F. Götmark, J. O’Sullivan and P. Cafaro. Indian Journal of Population and Development 1 (2021): 51-60.

* Just Population Policies for an Overpopulated World. P. Cafaro. Ecological Citizen 5 (2021): epub-046-1 (1-10).

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