Season 2

Episode 1 Half-Earth: A Bold New Conservation Proposal

Wildlife populations are dwindling rapidly across much of the world, and the number one cause is habitat loss. I discuss a bold new proposal to arrest this decline by dedicating half of Earth’s lands and seas as protected areas, with Amy Lewis, Vice President of Policy and Communications at the Wild Foundation.

Episode 2 Moving Upstream

Environmental organizations around the world are stuck treating symptoms, rather than addressing the root causes of environmental problems. Naturalist and author Karen Shragg discusses how "moving upstream" and addressing root causes could invigorate the environmental movement.

Episode 3 8 Billion Angels: a rare full-length film focused on population

8 Billion Angels is a controversial and timely new film that asks the question, “Are there too many of us for planet Earth?” Join director Terry Spahr for a discussion of some inconvenient population truths.

Episode 4 How should environmentalists think about immigration?

Many environmentalists are conflicted about the issue of immigration, caught between a desire to limit national populations and a desire to help poor foreigners live better lives. We explore the need for immigration policies that are both compassionate and environmentally sustainable with Madeline Weld, President of Population Institute Canada.

Episode 5 Planetary boundaries and human numbers

Planetary boundaries is a popular new framework for thinking about humanity’s environmental challenges. This episode explores the question of what role limiting human numbers can play in helping humanity stay within the boundaries for safe human use of the biosphere. With Kerryn Higgs, a founder of this influential approach.

Episode 6 Are aging populations a problem? The case of Japan

Despite the fact that the global population is growing by 80 to 90 million annually, news stories are more likely to focus on the dangers of declining populations. But are national population declines a cause for worry? We explore this question with a focus on Japan, whose population has shown a small decline in the past decade and is on track for much larger declines if current demographic trends continue. With Dr. Peter Matanle from University of Sheffield.

Episode 7 Is America Overpopulated?

Author and world traveler Frosty Wooldridge discusses his new book, America's Overpopulation Predicament: Blindsiding Future Generations. What are the arguments for and against the notion that America is overpopulated?